Walkee Paws ReviewsWalkee Paws Reviews

Started in the year 2018 as the first leggings for your dog worldwide, Walkee Paws were designed to protect your pooch from all the stuff from the outside.

I was so thrilled and thankful to see how love Walkee Paws was for the number of dogs and puppy parents who inspired me to expand our product line even further.

Walkee Paws Reviews

You now can couple our best-selling dog leggings with cute accessories including puffers and raincoats, reversible harnesses, patterned leashes and much more.

With Grippy Socks, we have even made your Indoor Walkee Paws, so that your pup can take hold of wood floors and slippers.

Indoor walkee paws have even been designed for you with influenza socks so that your pup can take hold of slippering surfaces and wooden floors. My hope is that these designs will keep your pup comfortable and comfortable and safe for your everyday adventures—so that you can rest and walk around without worry.

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Walter is a loving, goofy 90 lbs Sheepadoodle (and still growing), so it requires some effort to keep him clean. But I don’t have to give him any longer “foot baths” every time he enters after a gross, wet day thanks to WalkeePaws. This is such a simple, genius product that really changed our game

Even on rainy days, Walter can do the things he loves to do and I don’t have to clean my floors constantly! Not to mention, when he rocks, he is the most stylish dog on the block!

Walkee Paws Review
Walkee Paws Review

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