Ts Life Supanova Liquid Fat Burner ReviewsTs Life Supanova Liquid Fat Burner Reviews

TS Life is a multi-level health and wellness marketing company. They encourage loss of weight products like coffee, teas and supplements. The industry is still new, so please read this review first before joining.

The health and wellness brand was first introduced in the United Kingdom, which was founded by Caius Hale in 2018. It was launched in Ireland and the USA in the same year.

Hale has been a former MLM participant, according to one source, who earned 6-figure income in only nine months. Then he decided to form a brand of his own which would “serve the underdog.”

An additional source claims that 14 years before Hale began his MLM program he was a firefighter.

Ts Life Supanova Liquid Fat Burner Reviews

A unique liquid blend of herbs and natural ingredients is TS-Supanova. Life’s The formula of Supanova makes it a great add-on to every daily body program.

Did you know a SupaNova is a star that brightens up suddenly due to a huge explosion? Our SupaNova shot will be the same for your day

It’s an additional Food. Food supplements should not be seen as a substituting for a different diet, a healthy lifestyle, and should supplement the diet.

Cost/Price Plans

Currently a single bottle of this product is priced at $87.99


Key Ingredients that feature are :
Cassis Concentrate
Green Tea
Kola Extract

Guidance: In one serving per day, take 3 full cape. Tips should be used in the morning. Do not exceed the daily dose recommended.

Storage: Keep cool, eat within a month after opening

Online Customer Reviews/Complaints

You can find testimonials from satisfied Zeba customers on their instagram and Facebook page. For example, on instagram, a customer saying that:

Good evening my supernautical bottle has finished and believe it or not helped my ibs to remain under control. @instagram.com/mehndi84

Customer Service Contact Info

Customers who would like to contact Customer Service with any questions, concerns, or complaints can do so by email at corporate@ts-life.com.

Is It Worth It?

It’s NOT a scam Ts-Life. The health and wellness MLM are legitimate. If you are the person who believes in this type of product, you can earn real money.

You can try TS-Life to see how it works if you wish to lose weight and get healthy.

Ts Life Supanova Liquid Fat Burner Review
Ts Life Supanova Liquid Fat Burner Review

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