Does rbux88.com web give you free robux? Is that even a question that you need to ask? Of course it’s not! Well, why would someone ask such a question?

You’re about to find out how to get free robux in this article.

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game, but it also happens to be one of the world’s most popular social media platforms largely due to the fact that it provides its users with a way to earn gaming currency.

As the game platform continues to grow, more and more people are signing up to play. But there’s a lot of misconceptions about whether or not you can get free Robux without paying.

So, here we’re going to take a look at some of the most common myths and show you that it’s possible to get free Robux and some free in-game items right now.

Using Rbux88go.com to Generate Robux

RBUX88 is a website that claims to have an undetected method that can give anyone unlimited Robux for free. But does it really work?

I’m going to reveal the truth behind this website and whether or not you should fall for its tricks.

  1. Search or type web address http://rbux88go.com
  2. Connect your Roblox account by entering ID username.
  3. Select or choose your platform/device OS; Android, IOS, Windows, Xbox, Mac OS.
  4. Select the nearest server with your location.
  5. Select an amount of Robux; 400, 800, 1700, 4500, or 10000.
  6. Click the start now button.
  7. Wait for the connecting and validating process to complete.
  8. Complete human verification by ticking “I’m not a robot”.
  9. Complete all processes by filling out some surveys or downloading some applications.

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There’s No Such Thing as Free Robux

There’s no such thing as free Robux. The websites that claim to give you gift card codes or free Robux are scams. Be careful not to fall for them.

There are many websites out there claiming to give you free Robux. However, many of these websites are scams that will steal your account information.

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