Peekaboo Ice Cream Net WorthPeekaboo Ice Cream Net Worth

Enterprises can use a panel of “sharks” that intend to invest in the company or the product to make business pitches.

Peekaboo Organics, an ice cream and engineering company, is one such beginning in the spotlight of the 12th of season.

Peekaboo Ice Cream Net Worth

The Peekaboo Organics has a line of flavored icing on the ice with a secret ingredient, hidden veggies, created by Jessica Weiss Levison in January 2019.

Each box of $10-$15 is characterised by a standard taste paired with one vegetable, for example, carrots are present in the strawberry variety, and additional coliflowers are added to the ice-cream chocolate.

The idea for this product came from a mother who attempted to ensure that her three children took the right nutrient amount without causing too much fuss.

A series of new flavors was introduced in September 2020 by Peekaboo Organics. The range includes very indulgent options such as Cookie Dough, Unicorn Birthday Cake and overshadowing courgettes, as well as Strawberry Sorbet and overshadowed tomato, all of them following in a most intriguing way the main company mission statement of providing nutrients.

Since this slight derailment, Peekaboo Organics has managed to rebound. In the ‘Real California Milk Snackcelerator,’ a renowned California Milk Advisory Board competition organized by California Milk Advisory Council in November they won their designation.

Peekaboo Organics, as the best holder of the ice creams market, was awarded a total of US$200,000 to support mini snacks.

peekaboo ice cream shark tank
peekaboo ice cream shark tank

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