Duxot Watch Review

Duxot went somewhat beneath the radar. The umbrella company Dartmouth Brands owns Avi-8, Spinnaker and Thomas Earnshaw. They are insphired by vintage/retro watches all from the 60s to the 80’s.

Duxot is one of its newest labels, but I can’t say how new it is because the information is unknown on the Website. The Forza is one of the Brand’s seven dive models, a titanium dive watch that has no frills.

The height of the watch was one of the first things I noticed in my wrist. It’s a bit too high. Even though I wasn’t able to make the watch slim, I became used to it because I maintained the watch all day long.

Duxot Watch Review

It is worth knowing a bit more about what makes your watch tick, whether you are a watchmaker or an enthusiast who is finding their way.

Build of Watch:

For the top lens of each Duxot timepiece, the Duxot range uses saphires crystal. Sapphire used in the production of watches is produced at very high temperatures by the crystallisation of aluminum oxide.

The Duxot collection can be supported by automated mechanical wound movement.

A meca quartz movement brings together the best of the modern and traditional horloger schools.

Titanium, which is stronger and lighter than steel, is used in various highly-specific applications, ranging from heavy industry to medical implants with the combination of different alloys.

Duxot Watch Reviews
Duxot Watch Reviews

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