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Download these free ugly Christmas sweater coloring pages for kids to make your future holiday sweaters look merry.

Hi there, and welcome to my personal blog! I’m glad that you’ve found your way here. You don’t have to wait until the end of the holiday season to give cheer.

You need to start taking better care of yourself during this winter. It’s all right. Always remember to put your coats, hats, and scarves on when you go out.

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There are a lot of types of clothes out there. So why do you want to spend money on a sweater that will only last for one season?

ugly sweater coloring pages fo free

Some of these sweaters are so ugly that you’d better forget about having them at Christmas time. The designers of these Christmas sweaters called it a “Christmas sweater,” because it had lots of silly patterns on it.

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In our book series “A Collection of Ugly Christmas Sweater Pages”, we hope to make your holidays extra special with holiday coloring pages.

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I’ve been eyeing a sweater in the shop window for the past week. It’s beautiful, but it looks too ugly for me.

Reindeer ugly sweater coloring pages

Whether you’re celebrating Ugly Christmas Sweater Day or just enjoying the season, there’s even a day for that.

free ugly sweater coloring pages

printable ugly sweater coloring pages


Christmas Sweater Coloring Page

And the best part is, it’s completely free and doesn’t involve a holiday. This book is filled with Christmas sweaters that’ll have you wishing for warmer weather.

Ugly Christmas Sweater Colouring Pages


Ugly Christmas Sweater With Wreath Design Coloring Page

Christmas Eve Ugly Sweater Coloring Page

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It’s filled with beautiful art and full of ugly Christmas sweater coloring pages.

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